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Explore the main page structure and how you can change it, all possible options and adjustments review.

Main layout options

Usually, а Home page template of a theme consists of three main blocks.

  1. Custom blocks

    Custom blocks are just links to any pages you want. It could be a page on your main website or a Category/Section/Article at your Help Center. They are just placeholders and are completely optional. Once there are more than the default number of icons, a new line is created. Usually, we use Streamline Icons, but it is possible to use any other icons too.


  2. List of categories

    Each category is presented as a tile. By clicking on a tile, you open a category page.


  3. Categories tree

    This is a list of categories in a Help Center. Each category contains a list of sections. Each section contains a list of six articles with a link to more articles if there are any.


Mix them!

You can easily choose which option is the best for your Help Center. Moreover, you can mix them. For instance, custom icons and the category tree can be mixed. Here are some examples (click on the image to view details):

  You can view the main options in our demo Help Centers for each theme. Check the widget in the left-bottom corner of the demo main page.


Additional layout options

You can also quickly turn on or off “Promoted articles” and “Browse Community” blocks and move them on your Homepage.


Other options

Any part of our templates can be changed. It is possible to make any change, from color changes to complete layout redesign. Check out the "What can be changed" article for more details.

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